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W3C Launches New Site

Posted by benjamin-nicolau en octubre 15, 2009

W3C Launches New Site

Today W3C launched its new Web site.

This update follows the beta site announcement earlier this year. The new site features a harmonized design, simplified information architecture, new style for technical reports, and new content, including calendars and aggregated blogs. Visitors to the site will notice that there are (new) pages that have not yet been completed with up-to-date content. We plan to continue to add content to these pages, and welcome your contributions.

Please contact us at if you would like to contribute (e.g., by writing a short technology introduction), or if you find any bugs or anomalies.

W3C would like to thank people who helped in the template development, including Airbag Industries, Nicole Sullivan, and Sorin Stefan. W3C also appreciates all of the suggestions that have helped improve the usability of the final product.


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