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Data Transborder Flows in Global NetWorks

Posted by benjamin-nicolau en enero 3, 2008

Transborder flows of data in global networksPersonal Data protection and privacyThe OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) has emitted diverse Guidelines:-First from them in1980, and are the directives on protection of the privacy in the transborder flows of data.-Second in 1985, declaration of transborder flows of personal data –Third of 1998 it is the ministerial declaration on protection of privacy of the global networksThe basic principles that emanate of those norms are those of:- Limitation of collection of data- Quality of the data- Specification of the intention- Limitation of the use- Safeguard of security- Transparency- Responsibility- Individual Participation ( the right of all person of access, rectification and cancellation of the data that can exist on their person)

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